First Look

An initial examination of the collection will determine volume, content, and format(s). How will the archival material be accessed, utilized, gifted, or passed on? Working in close collaboration with the client, we will discuss and clarify goals.


Comprehensive database inventories and box lists will be assembled describing the contents, locations, and condition of archival holdings. This can include creating on-line inventory databases to guide trust and estate-planning efforts. We will also identify material selected for digitization. In addition, we can assist in distinguishing potential repositories for eventual disposition of selected materials slated for donation.


We will identify and manage vendors for outsourced conservation services, such as:
  • Properly storing items in acid-free housing
  • Paper and book conservation
  • Digitization of documents, photographs, scrapbooks, film, and audio materials
  • Custom box-making
  • Appraisals of selected archival material
  • Climate controlled off-site storage

Evaluate Collection for Creative Applications

Once intellectual control of the collection is established, archival material may be evaluated for a wide range of creative applications.  Specific holdings will be identified to cultivate marketing and outreach efforts, including selection of material to fuel social media platforms, search engine optimization, fundraising efforts and potential collaboration with similar digital collections of note.